Mary's Christmas Letter

Yikes! What a year! Joseph forgot to make reservations at the Bethlehem Inn. (His carpentry projects aren't the only thing made out of wood!) So they stick us in this stable full of stale hay and stinking animals and guess what?

I go right into labor! "No problem," my obstetrician said, "make the trip."

Anyway, we have a new baby boy that we think is truly special, but it's been a madhouse ever since. First, we can't agree on a name. Joseph likes Immanuel; I'm holding out for Jesus. Next, all these shepherds stop by to gawk (as if the smell wasn't bad enough already)! At least these three camel jockeys brought gifts (ever try to exchange myrrh without a receipt?). We can't get a good night's sleep with that stupid star shining through the cracks in the ceiling, and every store in town is sold out of swaddling.

Well, got to go. Joseph had another one of his goofy visions, so I guess we're off to Egypt. This time, I make the reservations!

All my love,

Submitted By: Thomas Harold
Dec 30, 1998 15:04

This joke is rated: PG