Top 10 Signs Microsoft Is Too Powerful

  1. Steve Case replaced as Gates' caddy by Al Gore. (GBandy1)
  2. Your wife keeps moaning something about Windows 98 during sex. (TiDaCu)
  3. The National Anthem is changed to the Windows 95 startup .wav. (RMcgu10714)
  4. Now issuing their own currency. (DrpngSrcsm)
  5. The only place to get toilet paper is to download it from (ToddG03)
  6. Microsoft Networks offers a better Visa card than AOL. (KiloMack)
  7. The Pope hired to make balloon animals at Bill Gates' birthday party. (Constble)
  8. [Response Censored by Bill Gates] (DASDD)
  9. Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G.? Used OS/2. (KFaddis320)
  10. New Slogan: "Where will we let you go today?"

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Submitted By: Teresa Dietricht
Jul 23, 1997 11:28

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