Newsbriefs: Clinton To Mount Vigorous Defense

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Walter Crewcut

Attorneys for President Bill Clinton say they'll mount a "vigorous defense" of the President when they appear before the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday. Word leaking out of the Judiciary Committee indicates they're preparing articles of impeachment on four counts - perjury, obstruction of justice, abuse of power, and refusing to reciprocate oral sex.

When asked for comment on Clinton's promise of a vigorous defense, Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde said "Hell, he's mounted everything else in Washington vigorously, he might as well mount a defense." He said for them to "...come on with it. Maybe this time somebody on Clinton's staff will know the definition of 'is' or 'alone' or 'sex.'" Hyde offered to have "one of those big damn collegiate dictionaries here to help them out."

Representative Bob Barr, R-Georgia, said "When we release the transcript of this Tuesday thing with the President's lawyers, we hope someone uses it as a movie script. It'll make one hell of a comedy."

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Dec 7, 1998 09:30

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