Newsbriefs: Microsoft Claims Foul In Trial

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Walter Crewcut

Microsoft attorney John Warden claims Netscape "set them up" in a June 21, 1995 meeting. "You invited us to a meeting just to have a record to turn over to the Department of Justice, didn't you," demanded Warden.

Netscape CEO Jim Barksdale replied to these charges with a simple, "That's absurd." Warden then asked if Netscape didn't "set the whole thing up just to get the government to do what the rest of you mortals couldn't do?" A visibly puzzled Barksdale replied "Huh?"

"You know what I mean Barksdale," snapped the Microsoft attorney, tail twitching. "You encouraged Microsoft to develop their own web browser. Then you egged them on to try to divide up the market, so they'd get 90 percent and you'd get about 10 percent. Then you got the Justice Department involved just to try to bring down Microsoft, didn't you!" Barksdale looked around the room incredulously, then stared at government lawyer David Boies, waiting for some sign of life. Boies jumped up and yelled, "Objection, your honor. Counsel is leading the witness and this is pure argument."

Warden faced the government attorney, grabbed his crotch and shouted "Lead this, you whimp!" District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson smacked his gavel a few times and called for a recess in the trial until tomorrow morning. News Briefs will keep you up to date as legal history is made.

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Nov 3, 1998 08:33

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