No More Chicken

A boy and a girl ate lunch together every day at school and every day they brought the same thing: chicken salad. One day the little girl brought peanut butter and jelly instead, and the little boy inquired about the sudden change in appetite. The little girl informed him that she was growing feathers on her private parts, and therefore was forced to give up chicken salad sandwiches. The little boy was skeptical and asked to see the alleged feathers. The little girl bared the necessary anatomical areas and, sure enough, the little boy saw what he believed to be the beginnings of feathers on the affected areas.

About six months later, the same boy and girl were eating together again, as usual. This time the little boy produced a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, same as the little girl. Naturally the little girl was curious about the sudden change in menu. The little boy replied that he was afflicted with the same condition as the little girl, and therefore also had to give up chicken salad sandwiches. The little girl demanded proof just as the little boy had, and the boy dropped his drawers to comply. The little girl jumped back in shock and exclaimed, "Oh my god, you have it worse than I do - you have a neck and a gizzard down there, too!!"

Submitted By: Anonymous
Feb 5, 1999 09:23

This joke is rated: PG