The Retirement Home

A friend of mine recently had to put his widower father in a home because the old guy was unable to live alone. It was a sad situation, we may all eventually have to face. The OGa really protested all the way to the home.

He really got down on my friend. Well, the next day, my friend gets a call from his dad,"Son, don't worry this place is really great. This morning I woke up with an erection, I called the nurse and the sweet young thing said she could help me out. She crawlled in bed with me and gave me the best time I've had since your mother died."

My friend was very much relieved, he had really wondered if he were doing the right thing. The next day, Dad called again,"You SOB, you come get me out of here right now!!!" He asked his dad what had happend that made such a radical change. Dad said, "Yesterday, I was walking outside, I stumbled and fell, before I could get up, and orderly jumped on me a reamed my rear real hard. I want out of here!"

"Well, Dad," my friend said, "You just have to take the good with the bad. Try to tuff it out with the orderly and remember the nurse."

Dad sayes, "f--- that, I get an erection once a year, I fall down three times a day."

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This joke is rated: PG