There Can Be Only One

In a village in South America there was a young man who was what some people call a Cassanova, good with the ladies. He had all kinds of ladies. He liked them all, fat ones, short ones, skinny ones, didn't matter. The trouble was that he had a true love, a virgin that he was saving for his marriage. This innocent virgin, her name was Mary, did not know anything about sex. Of course our Tiger of the Village wanted to keep things that way. Well finally they were married and on the wedding night Mary was very impressed with sex. She told her new husband that she did not know a man was built that way. What a wonderful thing men had to please women. Our Tiger did not want to her to think that all men were the same, so he told her, "I tell you something, Honey, I am the only man in the world with such a thing." She believed him.

The "Tiger" of the village was a sheep herder and had to go to the hills for weeks at a time. He had been gone for a couple of weeks when he came back and began to look for his new bride. When he got to their hut she wasn't there. He then went down through the village looking for her. "Mary, Mary, where are you?" Finally he meets up with her on the street

Mary appears to be very angry and frustrated. "You son-a-bitch, bastard , cabron, desgrasiado, no good for nothing" and begins to hit and fight with him.
"Hey whoa, what's the matter baby, what did I do? I didn't do nothing why you mad at me?" our tiger asks.
Mary says, "Yeah, you a--hole, you know Sancho, the lazy one from across the street? Well he has one also" and she points to his genitals.
Our hero thinks about it, she must have seen this guy taking a leak, s--- I can fix this. "Hey Honey, I tell you one something, you know what? Sancho he is my best friend, I used to have two of them and since Sancho is my friend, I give him one," he is all smiles and goes over to hug Mary.
Mary is now angrier and begins to clobber the s--- out of him. "You dumb ass, pendejo, stupido, ignorante," she yells at him, "YOU GAVE HIM THE BEST ONE."

Submitted By: Joanne Townsend
Aug 25, 1997 18:13

This joke is rated: PG