The Legend Of Stroker

Dips--- Ritchie has a second hand fist
He deals out in Calculus
Got a centerfold Playboy, plays his games
Pocket pool's what he does best
Rubbin' Ritchie, he's doin' his thing
Wherever he can find a way
But if you look real quick, Then you can catch Ritch
Before he can put it away

He's the one they call Master Stroker
He's the one that beats himself all night
He's the one they call Master Stroker

Poor math teacher has to endure
All of this every day
Ritchie's got it planned, and with his hand
He's just wailing away
Got no little hideaway, does business all day
But in Calc he can't sit still
He's like a Rebok Pump
And when he gets up
He sharpens his pencil

He's gonna give himself a ride

I've got one thing you'll understand
He's not what you'd call a glamorous man
He sits next to Jill, would love to soak her
He's the one they call Master Stroker

He'll tell you that his hands
Are supposed to be curved
That it's some birth defect
But we all know the hard sick truth
That he's just a poor reject
Two - time loser, can't run out of juice
Did it at the S.A.T.
Goes to the bathrom
When he drops trou
A party animal is he


It soothes his soul, just takes his hand
Thinks it makes him more of a man
Pays so he can be his own hooker
He's the only one we call "STROKER"

Submitted By: Mike Biancaniello
Feb 25, 1991

This joke is rated: PG