Welcome To McDonald's

Welcome to McDonald's
Please don't play charades
Tell me what you really want
I haven't got all day
We are the people who don't smile
We're unfriendly and we're rude
If I don't make a funny, honey
I'm making fun of you


At McDonald's
Welcome to McDonald's
We don't give a damn what you need, need

We'll make your burgers bleed!

Welcome to McDonald's
Saw you in McDrive-Thru
Yesterday you yelled at me
'Cause I threw your food at you
And each day as I drive home
I think about my life
I don't have a girlfriend
And I always smell like fries
At McDonald's
Welcome to McDonald's
Feel my, my, my register
I, I wanna hear it purrrrrrrrrrr

Welcome to McDonald's
It gets worse each afternoon
Why don't you go somewhere else
and get some decent food
Our fries are overcooked
And everyday's the same
Our burgers always drip with grease
That's our claim to fame


'Cause we do what we please!

And if you eat here, you will
End up six feet down, YEAH!

You know where you are?
You're at McDonald's baby
You're gonna Die!!
At McDonald's . . . .

Submitted By: Anonymous
Sep 15, 1990

This joke is rated: PG