Poor Joe Got Married

A salesman, a carpenter, an electrician, and a dentist all used to meet at the coffee shop each morning before work. All were married except the salesman. Finally, the salesman got married, and, while he was away on his honeymoon, the others continued to meet.

I think we ought to have a little fun with Joe," suggested the carpenter. "I'll sneak into the house and weaken the bed-slats."
"And I can do some hot-wiring in the mattress," suggested the electrician.
"Well, " smiled the dentist, "I'm not going to tell you what I'll do. Just wait and see."

The morning after his return from the honeymoon, the salesman stomped into the coffee shop. "You know fellas, I didn't mind the bedslats collapsing. And I didn't mind the hot-wiring. But I sure as hell could have killed the guy who put Novocaine in the Vaseline!!"

Submitted By: Anonymous
Nov 7, 1997 23:28

This joke is rated: PG