You Know Your Presiden't Having An Affair When . . . .

  1. First Lady suddenly becomes ambassador to hundreds of foreign countries.
  2. Presidential motorcade continually stopping at 7-11 for condoms.
  3. A Condom Vending Machine was installed in the Oval Office.
  4. Gets a dog so he can go for a walk several times a day.
  5. He cuts down on his cheeseburger intake
  6. He just can't get his wife's name right
  7. Women are wearing t-shirts that say "The President didn't veto me"
  8. He gets caught wearing the goods, her undergarments
  9. Most recent new aide to the president has zipper marks on her lipstick
  10. Sign reading "Now Serving Number 89" appears over Clinton's bedroom door.

Submitted By: Kelli
Jan 26, 1998 13:23

This joke is rated: PG