Proof That All Odd Numbers Are Prime

Problem: Prove that all odd positive integers are prime numbers.

Proof by a physicist:
3 true, 5 true, 7 true, 9... measure error, 11 true, 13 true, random test 23, done.
Proof by a mathematician:
3 true, 5 true, 7 true, induction on 2n+1, done.
Proof by a computer scientist:
3 true, 5 true, 7 true, 7 true, 7 true, 7 true, 7 true, 7 true, ...
Proof by a sociologist:
2 true, 4 true, 6 true, 8 true, ...
Proof by an engineer:
"3 is prime... 5 is prime... 7 is prime... 9 is prime... 11 is prime... ..."
Proof by a chemist:
"3 is prime, 5 is prime, 7 is prime; well, I guess that's enough data!"
Proof by a biologist:
"What's a prime?"
Proof by a programmer:
"Wait a minute, I think I have an algorithm from Knuth on finding prime numbers... just a little bit longer, I've found the last bug... no, that's not it... ya know, I think there may be a compiler bug here - oh, did you want IEEE-998.0334 rounding or not? - was that in the spec? - hold on, I've almost got it - I was up all night working on this program, ya know... now if management would just get me that new workstation tha just came out, I'd be done by now... etc., etc. ..."
Windows programmer:
"1 is prime. Wait."
Mac programmer:
Now why would anyone want to know about that? That's not user friendly. You don't worry about it, we'll take care of it for you.
Bill Gates:
1. No one will ever need any more then 1.
TRS-80 Computer Programmer:
One is prime, Two is prime, Three is prime, Out of Memory
Computer Scientist with a Pentium:
3 is prime, 5 is prime, 6.9999978 is prime...
Confused Undergraduate:
Yes, it's true. Proof: Let p be any prime number larger than 2. Then p is not divisible by 2, so p is odd. QED
3 is prime. Hum, that's an interesting statement, I'll get one of my research students to look into that.
No after all before God all numbers even, odd and prime are created equal.
Proof by a psychiatrist:
"3 is prime... 5 is prime... 7 is prime... 9 is latently prime but repressing it... 11 is prime... ..."
Do they want to be?
Proof by a social scientist:
"3 is prime... 5 is prime... 7 is prime... we'll pretend 9 is prime... 11 is prime... ..."
Pfui! There you go, classifying numbers into categories.
3 is prime, yet 5 could be anything, taking into account, but not limited to, the fact that 4 may or may not be prime, depending on the witnesses' testimonies and the written evidence furnished.
3 is prime, 5 is prime, 7 is prime, 9 is prime, deducting 10% tax and 5% other obligations.
Corrupt Politician:
For a sufficent donation, 9 can be reclassified
3 yes, 5 yes, 7 YES, 9 Now let's take a positive attitude here

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