Top 10 Warning Signs Before Renting in Rancho Santa Fe

  1. Ad in paper says "Sleeps 39"
  2. No mention of return of security deposit
  3. Stereo plays only music by rock group "The Cult"
  4. Amenities include gas oven
  5. References of main lessee include Dr. Jack Kervorkian
  6. Rental agreement asks for next of kin
  7. House vacant due to extended vacation in Guyana
  8. Four words: Matching pants and shoes
  9. Mailbox filled with forwarded mail from Waco, Texas
  10. Piped in music? Theme from "M*A*S*H"

Submitted By: Mike Haddad
Apr 3, 1997 21:56

This joke is rated: PG
Tags: Misc list