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all that (ahl that) - adjective - In possession of all good qualities.
"My boyfriend lent me his car and his Amex for the weekend. He's all that."

around the way (ah-round thuh way) - noun - From the neighbourhood.
"Sheryl and I go way back. She's from around the way."

bling bling (buhling buhling) - noun - Jewelry, derived from the sound it makes.
"If my man doesn't give me some good bling bling for our anniversary, he's going to be cooking for himself."

crunk (krungk) - adjective - To have a good time.
"Get crunk, the party's started!"

down low (doun loh) - noun - Covert, secret, "hush hush", derived from low profile."
"Jamie is thinking about changing jobs, but hasn't told her boss yet, so keep it on the down low."

front (frunt) - verb - Pretend to be that which you are not; act tough.
"Stop frontin'. Everybody knows that you didn't write 'I Will Survive.'"

grill (guhril) - noun - Face.
"She didn't have to get all up in my grill like that."

hardcore (härd-kor) - adjective - The real thing. True to what you claim.
"She's a hardcore vegetarian. She never eats meat."

ice (ahees) - noun - Diamonds or jewelry with diamonds in it.
"She married a rich man.  Her hands are covered in ice."

joint (joyunt) - noun - A song, a tune.
"Have you heard Jay-Z's new joint? It's funky."

kicks (kiks) - noun - See sneakers.
"Shondra's new kicks are hot, and they look comfortable, too."

lime (lyum) - verb - Hanging around with friends of family, a casual gathering of friends and family.
"This lime is out of juice -- the party's over."

marinate (mair-ih-nate) - verb - To chill, hang out.
"Summer's here and I'm gonna marinate by the pool."

no diggety (noh dig-eht-ee) - interjection - No doubt, no question.
"Sure, you can borrow my scooter, no diggety."

peep (peep) - verb - Check this out, to look at.
"Peep this new issue of 'Vibe.' It has a great article on Lil' Mo's new CD."

played out (puh-layd owt) - noun - Old.
"Man, that last Britney Spears song is played out. I hear it on the radio every ten seconds."

represent (reh-pree-zehnt) - verb - Actually means to represent.
"Your son asked you to attend his school play? You better represent."

shorty - (shohrt-ee) noun - A female; similar to baby or honey.
"Mike and Ted got dressed up and went on the town, hoping to meet some hot shorties."

step off  (stehp ahf) - verb - Back away from a confrontation.
"I'm in a really bad mood today, so you better step off."

tight (tah-eet) - adjective - Cool, new, fresh, very good.
"Have you heard that new Missy Elliott joint (see above)? It's tight."

wack (wak) - adjective - Negative: crazy or weird.
"Sara's new job is wack. She never gets weekends off."

word (werd) - noun - Truth.
"Now you're going to know what your kids and/or friends have been saying to you since 1992. Word."

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Jun 27, 2001 09:00

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