Rubber Nipple Factory

A quality control engineer of a latex company goes to visit and survey one of their sites.

During his visit, the local plant's senior engineer is taking him through the production floor to show him the equipment and explain the procedure of the production of the latex products.

During the tour, the visiting quality control engineer here an odd sound like..HISSS..HISSS..POP! HISSS..HISSS..POP!

Now curious, the quality control engineer asks the local plant senior engineer..."what is that sound? What kind of machine is making this odd noise?"

The local senior engineer replies that this is the machine which makes the latex baby bottle nipples. And the HISSS..HISSS sound is the machine pumping high amounts of air pressure into the latex nipple to test the durability of it. The "POP" sound, is the machine then piercing a hole in the tip of the nipple so that the liquid will pass through when a baby is suckling on it.

The quality control engineer is impressed, and realizes that the HISSS.. HISSS..POP sound makes perfect sense.

Strolling along the plant floor and observing the work environment and the machines, he comes encounters another odd noise.

Now, the sound is HISSS..HISSS..HISS..POP!

The quality control engineer turns to the local senior engineer and says... " why does this machine make such a different noise than the first machine? What does this machine do?"

The local senior manager replies..."this machine makes know...condoms, rubbers!"

"Oh yes", the the quality control manager responds. "But, why does the machine make a POP sound?

"Well" the local senior engineer responds..."it's because one in every four condoms gets a hole punctured in it!"

"What on earth do we put holes in condoms for?", replies the quality control engineer.

"I'm sure I do not know, sir", responds the local senior engineer, "but our baby nipple sales sure are up this year!"

Submitted By: Anonymous
Oct 17, 1997 16:25

This joke is rated: PG