What's Under The Scottsman's Kilt?

Rowdy Roddy McDowell, one of Scotland's most noted bagpiper (and lush) was asked to perform at a local wedding of one of his village's most prominent citizens. Knowing that everyone would attend he vowed not to drink excessively, or leave the reception before making a fool of himself.

The big day arrived and he performed in a grand fassion and then, at the reception, proceeded to drink copious quantities of Scotch. Remembering his vow he left the reception deciding to walk home before doing anything he would regret the next day. Half way home the effects of all that Scotch began to hit him so he found a grassy knoll and laid down, quickly falling asleep.

Also walking home that night were the McGladry sisters Mary and Jill (nuns at the local convent). As they passed the sleeping McDowell, Mary asked Jill

"I've always what Scotsmen wear under thier kilts, Do you know sister Jill?"

"No!" replies Jill. "But I suppose we could find out. HEE HEE"
So Sister Jill lifts up Rowdy Roddy's kilt and sure enough has nothing on under his kilt. Sister Mary was feeling quite spunky, removed the blue hair ribbon she was wearing and tied it around McDowell's organ and then lowered his kilt. The two Sisters then continued thier walk home.

The next morning Rowdy Roddy woke up and feeling something strange under his kilt, lifted it up to investigate, Saying....

"Hoot Mon, I dunna a know where ya a been, but ya won first prize!!!"

Submitted By: Anonymous

This joke is rated: PG