The Benefits Of Second-Hand Smoke

People always are so stuck on the downside of smoking. Cancer. Bad breath. Financial strain. It is a sad day when folks are so cynical that they can't look at what good things happen when someone near you lights one up...3 cheers for ACar 1981, who knows when second-hand smoke is the best...

  1. Don't need to carry around dangerous matches or lighters.
  2. Don't have to experience the aging process.
  3. Sexy "disco" haze atmosphere!
  4. Frees cigarette money up for other drugs.
  5. After you die, your loved ones can sue for billions!
  6. Ability to hack up those cool little phlegm balls like real authentic smokers do!
  7. Allows people with no money at all to smoke, too!
  8. Get to know before most of us if God really exists.
  9. Can now get lung cancer without the annoying teeth stains.
  10. Feels SO good after second-hand sex
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Submitted By: Teresa Dietricht
Jul 23, 1997 11:30

This joke is rated: PG