Sins Of Resurrection

Elvis, River Phoenix and Liberace are all hanging out up in heaven and getting a little bored with fluffy white clouds and angels playing harps.

Elvis eventually says to Archangel Gabriel, "Look, we're bored up here, man. Can we be resurrected on Earth for a day, just to break the monotony?"
Gabriel, not too sure about it, thinks awhile, and eventually agrees; "But only if you promise not to revert back to any of your former sins... If you do, you're going straight to hell."

Elvis, River, and Liberace all agree, and find themselves on Earth. As they walk along, Elvis spots a bar and, unable to resist the temptation, heads towards it. As he touches the door handle, WHOOF he's gone.

River, shocked by this, utters, "Holy s---, man! Gabriel wasn't joking when he said we'd go straight to hell..."
"Nevermind, nothing we can do, The King's gone now kid. Let's go"

And, they continue walking along the road, when River spots a $5 bag of cocaine lying on the pavement. Just as he bends over to pick it up, WHOOF. Liberace disappears.

Submitted By: Jennifer's Joke Central
Sep 11, 1998 12:04

This joke is rated: PG