Solo 2.1

After completing a multi-year benchmark product test on the Husband 1.0 software program, our consumer product research team decided to switch to Solo 2.1 software instead. The reasons are too numerous to mention because application errors varied according to the platform the software was running from. Inoperative commands were widespread and numerous errors resulted from the software seeking other operating systems outside of the host unit. But the most common complaint heard from the field was the original Husband 1.0 program simply did not match up to the promises featured in the introductory demo.

Solo 2.1 software offers most of the original features sought for in the Husband 1.0 software. In fact, most of its applications exceeded in the performance and time test. Overall, Solo 2.1 operated more efficiently, accomplished greater number of multiple tasks and did so using significantly less resources than the Husband 1.0. Solo 2.1 features built-in diagnostic utilities software that not only notifies the user of any problems but immediately fixes any error that occurs.

While Solo 2.1 does quite well as the primary operating system, its extended graphics and features package often benefits from the Boyfriend 2.1 enhancement software. This enhancement software brings to the Solo 2.1 added color, a larger selection of wav. Files, additional MSMoney files (dependent upon which Boyfriend version is loaded) and .bmp graphics that can aid the Solo 2.1 performance to score higher than thought possible. Left alone, the Boyfriend 2.1 software usually delivers exactly what it promises. In fact, field test data indicates that Boyfriend 2.1 functions better when used infrequently, as it has a tendency to easily overload. Boyfriend 2.1 software does have one known bug, however. It has been reported that errors will occur without any system notification. An error message will eventually appear with the options Retry, Ignore or Abort. Ignore seems to restore the program faster than the other options.

Problems do arise, however, when the user attempts to upgrade to the Fiancee 2.1 or even the Husband 2.2 versions. It is suggested that the user exercises extreme caution and carefully research and test each version on the market before going this route since using the incorrect version can permanently damage the user's Solo 2.1 operating system, an already proven performer.

The following are some of the more common messages encountered when loading the incorrect auxiliary software package, be it boyfriend, fiancee, or husband versions:

  1. Insufficient or missing data.
  2. Interference with ip network card. Going further may permanently damage hard drive. Continue or cancel?
  3. Unable to read file. Choose another application.
  4. Damaged disk: unable to complete installation. Delete, retry or cancel?
  5. Hard drive already in use. Delete prior application or reboot?
  6. User input error: Replace user and strike any key when ready.

For those who elect to upgrade to the Fiancee 2.1 or Husband 2.2 software, it is highly recommended to purchase a Communications software package to link the upgrade to the original operating system. There are several good programs on the market, including Developing Speech: From Primate to Post-Opera, He Really Can Say He's Sorry and Tell Me Again How to Say I Love You.

In the event that Husband 2.2 is incompatible with the user's system, an immediate uninstall is recommended. In rare instances, the uninstall pathways may become corrupted. To correct the situation, remove all information in cache and reboot.

Many manufacturers are offering freebies with purchase of auxiliary software. If you should be dissatisfied with the software, return to the manufacturer, but remember that the gifts are yours to keep.

Suggested Features for Future Upgrades of Boyfriend 2.1 version:

  1. Expanded Readme.txt file
  2. Maximize button
  3. Updated zip and unzip features
  4. Calendar with automatic birthday and anniversary reminder
  5. Expanded Home key functions
  6. Expanded Tab key functions (Boyfriend 3.2 should always pick up the Tab)
  7. Minimized Control key functions

Submitted By: Christina Kavana
Aug 31, 1997 19:35

This joke is rated: PG