Signs That The Rolling Stones Should Give It Up

  1. Tour bus drives at 25 miles an hour with left blinker constantly flashing
  2. Famous enlarged lips logo replaced by enlarged prostate logo
  3. Those drops of perspiration on Keith's brow? Embalming fluid.
  4. Reduced box office take due to frequent use of AARP discount cards.
  5. Hell's Angels hired to circulate crowd and "entice" people to switch from AT&T to Sprint.
  6. Old smell: booze with a hint of pot. New smell: Polygrip with a hint of Ben Gay.
  7. Mike stands now double as IV holders.
  8. During show opener "Start Me Up," Mick Jagger fires up Keith's pacemaker.
  9. Lump in back of Mick's pants noticeably larger than lump in front of Mick's pants.
  10. New song: "You Can't Always Eat What You Want."

Submitted By: Doug "Yes That's My Real Name" Sunshine
Oct 16, 1997 18:59

This joke is rated: PG
Tags: Misc list