Suk Mi Pagoda Chinese Menu

Suk Mi Pagoda Menu

Suk Mi Pagoda Menu c---onese Cuisine
6969 Fellatio Blvd
Escondildo, CA 281-6969 (that's Two ate one, sixty-nine,sixty-nine)

A -La - Carte
Cream Sum Yung Guy Women love it
Cum Drop Soup Same as above, but no MSG
Suc Sum Tit Chef's favorite Luncheon
Sum Yung ChickSweet and delicious
Sum Dum FucSame as #1 but without brains
Wong Hong LoChinese sausage with 2 meatballs
Suc Mi PorkMostly white meat for light eaters
Suc Mi DorkMostly dark meat for big eaters
Dinner Combinations
Goo in HandFor those dining alone
Suc Mi WangTraditional Chinese sausage
Cum Too SoonOrder early! These go fast!
Sum Dum ChickAlways a low cost favorite
Fuc Mei SloTakes 2 hours to prepare
Lik Mi ClitA lip smacking Oriental treat
Goo Wee ChickNo extra charge for sloppy seconds
Yung Poon TangFresh daily
Too Can ChooIncludes sausage and fish for two
Wai Too YungNot available on school nights
Fuc Sum NowRaw fish for those in a hurry
Tung Sum ChickChef's Special
Sum Gulp TwatLow-cal diet special
Bang Ho FaceServed sitting down
Bang Ho ButtServed with warm oil and jelly
Hoo Flung PooLobster bibs & raincoats provided

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Nov 4, 1998 15:27

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