When Superman Gets Bored

Superman was bored by fighting crime everyday. So one Friday night he decides to go out on the town to have some fun. He drops by Batman's cave. "Hey Batman," he asks, "Do you want to go out tonight, drink some beer, and troll for chicks?"
"No, I can't," replies Batman. "The Batmobile is broken and I have to stay home and fix it, or else I won't be able to fight crime."
"You loser," says Superman, who then flies away.

He decides to stop by Spiderman's house. "Hey Spidey, how about hitting the town tonight, drinking some brewskies, and finding a few hammers?," Superman says.
"I'd love to, but can't," replies Spiderman. "My web is broken and I have to fix it to fight crime."
Superman, completely disgusted says, "You loser! Stay home on Friday night and fix you damn web, then!"
With that, he flies away.

While flying, Superman spots WonderWoman lying stark naked on her back. She also happens to also be spread-eagle. Superman thinks, "Hey, I'm Superman. I can fly down there at the speed of light, have a quickie, and fly away. She won't even know what hit her!" So, Superman flies down, does a quick in and out, and flies back at the speed of light.

WonderWoman asks, "What the heck was that?"

The Invisible Man answers, "I don't know, but my butt sure hurts!!"

Submitted By: Anonymous

This joke is rated: PG