Nickname's For Clinton Sex Scandal

  1. Lolitagate
  2. Quick! Time For Another War With Iraq!
  3. The Crook, The Intern, The Wife, and that 'Hey Vern' guy
  4. The D Cup Domes Scandal
  5. Starr Wars
  6. Ex-intern killed in freak missile accident-gate
  7. The Lay of Pigs
  8. Stain of the Union Undress
  9. Monicaca
  10. "Paid for by Gore/Rodham 2000"-gate
  11. Pubic Missile Crisis
  12. Linguapalooza
  13. Honey, I shrunk my approval rating
  14. Gaining-On-Wilt-gate
  15. Tail to the Chief
  16. Bad Will Hunting
This list copyright 1998 by Chris White and Ziff Davis, Inc.
The Top Five List
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