Taliban Translation Guide

Many people are confused when things that the Taliban say don't seem to match up to reality. Some people believe that this means the Taliban are liars. Nothing could be further from the truth. You simply need to understand Taliban slang and lingo. Therefore, BKW has created a "Taliban Translation Guide" to help you out. Read and Enjoy!

Anti-Aircraft Unit
Men with slingshots
Anti-Tank Unit
2 dozen guys with spears
Bin Laden is safe
Bin Laden is hiding under a burqa pretending to be a woman
Brazen Slut
Woman with ankles showing
What you do if your camel goes lame
Enforcing Proper Grooming
Beating people who don't have beards long enough to trip over
Fighting to the Last Breath
Running when fired at
Enforcing the Law
Stopping people from flying kites and playing music
Moderate Taliban
Taliban who prefer hanging people for watching TV instead of stoning them
Delay as long as possible
Prime Real Estate
Cave with two ways out
Safe House
Red Cross
Self Defense
Blowing up a school bus full of kids in another country
Tactical Regrouping
Hiding in Caves
Tactical Retreat
Running for your life
Tank Parking Lot
"Top Notch" Weapon
Stick with a nail in it

Submitted By: Sandy Goetz
Jan 10, 2002 12:12

This joke is rated: PG