Ted And Ed

Once upon a time, there were two thorough-bred race horses, sired by the same stag. One was named Ted, the other was Ed. Ted and Ed grew up on the same farm, training for the races. Soon, they were the best in the business.

Except Ted always came in first, and Ed always came in second. Ed could never quite match his brothers speed. He trained harder and was more determined, but still Ted came out ahead. After years of racing and sweeping the Cups at the Kentucky Derby and Saratoga Springs, they were allowed to retire. They frolicked in the fields and woods and grassy hills of the farm. One day Ted became tired of the frolicking. He wanted to race again.

"Hey Ed!" he said, "lets have a race."
"Ok, Ted. Where shall we race?"
"Across the feild, over the fence, through the woods, to the top of that hill, back through the woods, over the fence, and back across the field."
"Ok, Go!"

And Ted was off. Ed was right behind, but the distance between them greatened. Ed finally caught up to Ted and the end of the race, panting and heaving.

"Ha. I'll get you next time!" wheezed Ed.
So Ed began training again, working even harder than he had during his racing years, for that one chance to just once, just once, beat Ted. Finally, Ed decided the day had come.

"Ted! Lets race. And this time, I'm going to beat you." said Ed
"Ok, go!" said Ted, and was off, hurtling across the field, and over the fence. He looked back at the end of the woods, and Ed was far behind. Ted came to the top of the hill and was about turn around when he saw a dog sitting there, looking at him.

Ted stopped when the dog spoke, "Ted, can't you let Ed win just once. Just this once. He's worked so hard, he's been so determined. Won't you allow him to win just one?" Ted stared at the dog.

Not a second later Ed pulled up and stopped.
Ted turned to Ed, "Look Ed, a talking dog."

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