The Enchanted Snake

Riding on the land looking for stray cattle that had lasted through the winter, a cowboy came upon a rattlesnake warming itself in the sun. His horse reared and the cowboy pulled out his 6 gun to shoot at the rattlesnake.

"Oh, I'm an enchanted rattlesnake," said the snake. "And if you don't shoot me I'll give you 3 wishes".
The cowboy, knowing he was out of striking range, decided to take a risk. "OK, I would like a face like Clarke Gable, a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and sexual equipment like this horse," grinned the cowboy.
"OK, when you get back to the bunk house you will have all 3 wishes granted to you," said the snake.

The cowboy then proceeded to gallop home, and once at the bunk house, dismounted on the run. He ran inside straight to a mirror, and lo and behold there was the face of Clarke Gable looking back at him. So he ripped off his shirt and saw the rippling muscles of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Getting really excited now, he pulled down his jeans and let out a gasp, "Oh my God! I was riding a MARE!!"

Submitted By: Anonymous
May 12, 1999 13:08

This joke is rated: PG