Thor Among The Mortals

One day in Norsegard (the Norwegian heaven, I think), Thor, the god of thunder, being bored with heavenly existence decided that a quick trip to earth would help alleviate some of this boredom. Traveling incognito, except for his trusty hammer, Thor came across a buxom blond (what else?) and suggested that some mutual cohabitation of a degenerate degree would be helpful to both parties concerned. The blond, not saying anything, and impressed with the size of Thor's hammer, nodded her agreement. They cohabitated for three days and Thor returned home.

Upon his arrival, Odin grabbed Thor and reprimanded him: "No problem sleeping with mortals, but you should go back and tell her your name."

Thor returned to earth, went up to the girl's house, knocked, and when she answered said: "I'm Thor."

To which the girl lisped in reply: "You're thore, I'm tho thore I can hardwy pee!"

Submitted By: Anonymous

This joke is rated: PG