Top Ten Ways The Wizard of Oz Would Be Different If It Were Made Today

  1. Grizzly scene in which Dorothy blasts flying monkeys out of the sky with an uzi
  2. "Katie bar the door! There's a giant asteroid headed straight for Oz!"
  3. Dorothy steps outside and says, "Like, this is so not Kansas!"
  4. Instead of "oil," tin man moans, "Viagra."
  5. Kathie Lee Gifford plays Dorothy -- audience roots for witch
  6. It would be named "Twister II"
  7. To prepare for his role as the Scarecrow, DeNiro would actually have his brain removed
  8. Lovable dog Toto replaced by lovable droid T.O.T.O.
  9. "Lions and tigers and bears, oh sh**!"
  10. New title -- "Wiz Got Game"

Submitted By: Anonymous
Jun 16, 1998 08:25

This joke is rated: PG