Top Ten Graffiti Sayings At The White House

  1. Mute Newt!
  2. The toilet paper can't be reached, and I'm about to be impeached -- RMN
  3. This is my veto, this is my cane. This one's fer sell'n, and this one's fer lay'n.
  4. If you think love is blind call the Justice Department. Ask for Janet.
  5. Kenneth Starr does it in his briefs.
  6. Flush twice; it's a long way to Congress.
  7. George Washington slept here... but we're still waiting for the check!
  8. Bubba Slept Here.. and here.. and here...
  9. Whig Party Rulz 4ever!!!
  10. Here I sit, broken hearted -- my welfare bill has been discarded.
  11. Paula exaggerated.
  12. Clinton is a potatoe head!
  13. If your missile is having a crisis, call Marilyn at 555-3621
  14. Buddy Sniffs Butts
  15. Here I sit with my pasty white thighs, wishin' I had me some burgers and fries.
This list copyright 1998 by Chris White and Ziff Davis, Inc.
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Mar 3, 1998 12:24

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