Types Of Boyfriends

TypeQuoteAlso Known AsAdvantagesDisadvantages
Joe Sensitive "After I wash the dishes, let's cuddle, OK?" Mr. Nice Guy, Family man, Honey, Darling, Soft- boiled Egg, Snugglepup Well-behaved; irons own shirts Irritatingly compassionate, wimpy
Old Man Grumpus "People are stupid. The world can go to hell. Let's stay home and watch TV." Grumbles, Sour puss, Stick-in-the-mud, Old Fogey, Slow Mover. Jerk Stays put; predictable Royal pain in the ass
Flinchy "I--I'm sorry for whatever it was I did." Trembly, Creampuff, Hey you Jumps entertainingly when startled Easily spooked; surrenders without a struggle
Bigfoot "Shut yer trap, I'm thinkin'." Chunk-style, Lummox, Ignoramus, Galoot, the Hulk, Big 'n' Dumb Can tote bales; is easily fooled Can break you in half, sweats like a pig
Lazybones "Zzzzzz" Lucky Dog, Parasite, Bum, Sponge, Snoozebucket, Drug Addict Well rested; easy target Unlikely to fulfil your dreams
The Sneak "Who, me?" Love Pirate, Snake, Rat, Slime, G-D Son of a Bitch May feel pangs of guilt May be having time of his life
Ace of Hearts "After I wash the dishes let's make love like crazed weasels, OK?" The Sizzler, Handyman, Dreamboat, Casanova, Monster Perpetually aroused Perpetually aroused
The Dreamer "Someday I'm going to be rich and famous. I don't know how, but--" Struggling artist, Philosopher, Buffoon, Bag of Wind, Fool Tells good stories Will turn into "Old Man Grumpus"
Mr. Right "While the servants wash the dishes, let's make love like crazed weasels in my new yacht, ok?" Mr. Perfect, Jim Dandy Answer to a woman's prayer Hunted to extinction

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