A man goes into a bar and sits down to have a drink. a rather sultry looking woman happens by with a bottle of whiskey and asks politely if she may join him. After a few drinks they both get a little frisky and the woman says " how about we go up to my room and play 'WHAMMY'". The gentleman inquires as to the nature of this game and she explains " well, what we do is, we take off all our clothes and stand at either end of the room. then we run toward each other and meet in the middle. "

This sounds reasonable to the gentleman and they both go off to her room. Once inside her room, and naked as jaybirds, they begin the game. However, the whiskey has begun to take effect and they completely miss each other and the man falls out the window and into a shrub below. He shakes off the fall and dusts himself off, but suddenly realizes that he is very naked and outside of the hotel. He hides behind the bush for a while trying to figure out a way to get back into the hotel. Suddenly, a fire truck shows up and a bunch of firemen go rushing into the hotel.

The man calls out to one of the firemen who stayed behind and says, "hey buddy...i fell out of the window upstairs and I don't have any clothes on." The fireman comes over and offers him a coat.
The man steps out of the shrubs and talks to the fireman, "Hey...what the hell is going on here anyway ?" The fireman looks at the man and says "well...i dont know what happened to you, but we just got a call to get some woman off a doorknob !"

Submitted By: Anonymous

This joke is rated: PG