West Virginia Scenery

This guy is travelling through West VA and happens through a small town. As he passes this farmhouse, he notices a guy in the back having sex with a sheep. This guy is really going at it, has the sheep by the tail and just banging away. The traveller can't believe his eyes, and quickly drives away.

After completing his business in town, he passes by the same farmhouse and this time, the guy is screwing a donkey. The donkey's squealing and the farmer's just pounding away; they're just going nuts. The visitor notices 2 small children nearby and decides to say something to them.

He walks up to the kids and says, "There is a man over there who is doing some strange things to some animals. Don't pay attention to him."
One kid answers, "Oh. That's just my Daaaaaaaaad."
"He-Haw ways does that," replies the other.

Submitted By: Anonymous
Jun 24, 1998 07:42

This joke is rated: R