What Your Computer Really Thinks

You know I feel so bored when you leave me unattended... It's like I'm just a cold and useless piece of metal with no feelings. But when you come back and your hand parts open my disk drive to insert a disk, I shiver...

I know you'd like to get in there with me between your spread sheets.

I try to tell you to give me more memory; I swear I would use it all to remember your face and your secrets.

I can just imagine your hands rearranging my cables, passing right over my 8088 spot. Ahh! Go ahead strip me of my cover.

All that's between you and me is a few screws...

And also remember I want you to stop taking that lap-top home with you at night. I stay up all night while you guys have a good time together.

Gently touch me anywhere on the keyboard when you want to continue working.

Submitted By: Anonymous
Apr 13, 1998 12:43

This joke is rated: PG