My Wife's In A Coma

Woman in a coma in hospital. Been like this for 6 months. New male nurse comes in to give her a bed bath and he notices as he is washing her genital region, that the brain function monitor shows a great deal of action even though there is no physical response.

The nurse reports this fact to the doctor in charge and they try once or twice more before the doctor decides that they may have found a possible way of breaking through the coma.

So, the doctor phones the womans husband, tells him the story and explains that if he would like to come down to the hospital they will put him in a private room with his comatose wife and let him try some oral sex on her to see if it brings her out of the coma. Husband turns up, goes into the private room and only 5 minutes later all the alarms go off as the heart monitor shows the womans heart has stopped.

In rush the doctors but too late, she has died. Turning to the husband they ask what happened. The husband replies, "I think she mustn't have been able to swallow and choked!"

Submitted By: C.J. Grimes
Jul 29, 1997 20:09

This joke is rated: PG