The Pig With the Wooden Leg

The MP was making his rounds through the Sembawang kampung area. In Ah Chye's kampung house, the MP noticed a pig with a wooden leg hobbling about.

"Excuse me," the MP said to ah Chye, "but why does that pig have a wooden leg?"

"Oh,it's like this, night a robber entered our household, tied all of us up, stole our jewellery and was about to escape when the pig came out of nowhere, attacked the robber and saved us all."

"Oh,I see," siad the MP uncertainly, "but I still don't understand. Why does the pig have a wooden leg?"

"Oh,it's like this,sir...There was a fire when we were all out to the cinema at Chong Pang. The pig alerted our neighbours, ran arround organising a water bucket system and helped the firemen put out the fire."

The MP was getting quite frustrated. "Listen, Mr Chye, That is all very interesting, but I still don't understand wy the pig has a wooden leg."

"Oh, it's like this,sir..." Ah Chye said. "We used to have an old well. One day, our little daughter fell down the well. The pig jumped in, saved our girl, covered the well with planks and we never had that trouble again."

The MP shouted, "I DON'T UNDERSTAND! Why does that damn pig have a wooden leg?"

Ah Chye appeared absolutely unfazed. "Well, you know," he said finally, "with a pig that good, how can you eat it all at once....."

Submitted By: Leow Yee Ling

This joke is rated: G
Tags: animals pig