The Bird Dog

This cowboy is driving along one day and he sees a sign that says "Bird dawg for sale - $1000". Well, he can't believe that a dog could be worth that much, so he drives to the house to check it out. He comes up to a farm house with a old farmer sitting on the porch with an old dog.

"Hear you got a bird dog you think is worth $1000." Farmer leans back in his chair. "A-yuh." Cowboy pushes back his hat. "Suppose you let me see this dog workin', I'll let ya know." Farmer looks down at the dog. "Point!", he says. Dog gets up and trots off into the woods. He comes back in a few minutes, barks twice, and lays down. Cowboy asks what that's mean. Farmer says "That means there be two pheasant in them wood." Well, they walk a bit into the woods, and sure enough, they flush out two pheasant.

"Aw, that's just coincidence," says the cowboy. "Naw, watch this! Point!" Dog goes off into the field. He comes back five minutes later, barks four times, and lays down again. The two men walk into the field and flush four more pheasant. The cowboys starts grinnin', reaches into his wallet & pulls out ten hundred dollar bill. "Looks like you got yerself a deal!" He puts the dog in the back of his truck and heads home to show off his find to his buddies. "Point!", he says, and the dog goes off...
Twenty minutes later, he comes back, covered in sticky- burrs, with this big stick in his mouth. He runs up to the cowboy, shaking the stick back and forth, then drops the stick and jumps up and starts humping him on the leg. Well, the cowboy, being a good Baptist, isn't taking well to this. So he throws the dog back in the truck, and heads back to the farmhouse. "Whut's the matter?" says the farmer. "He ain't good enought for you?" So the cowboy tells his tale to the farmer, who doubles over with laughter. "Boy, you gist don't know what that dawg was tryin' to tell ya!" Cowboy looks confused. "What was that dog trying to tell me, old man?"

"He's just-a tryin' to tell ya that there's more f-----g pheasant out there then you kin shake a stick at!"

Submitted By: Anonymous

This joke is rated: PG
Tags: Animals