My, What Nice Breasts You Have

Joe goes to Bob's house and knocks on the door. Bob's wife answers the door and says no, Bob isn't home but he should be soon and Joe is welcome to come in and wait.

So Joe and Mrs Bob are sitting around the kitchen table waiting for Bob, just chatting to pass the time, when Joe says "Hey, you may think this is crazy but -- no, no never mind."

After a little coaxing from Mrs Bob, he finally says, "Well, I've always thought your breasts must be amazing and you may think this is insane but I'll give you a hundred bucks if you'll let me fondle just one of your breasts." Just to show he's sincere, Joe takes a $100 and places it on the table.

Bob's wife is a little taken aback but figures it's an easy $100 so she unbuttons her blouse and presents Joe with one breast. He fondles her breast happily for a minute and then she closes up her shirt and takes the $100.

They continue chatting a while and then Joe interrupts her saying, "Wow, you know, that was really great, I mean just fantastic. Look, if one was that good then two must be magnificent. I'll give you another $100 if you'll let me play with BOTH of your breasts." Again, to show his sincerity, Joe takes out another $100 bill and places it on the table.

Bob's wife is a little antsy but her fears are soon overcome. She opens up her shirt and gives Joe free rein over both her breasts. After a little indulgence, she again closes up her shirt and takes the second $100.

They chat a while longer but still no Bob so Joe says he can't wait any longer, give his regards and he's outta there. A few minutes later, Bob comes home.

"Hi honey, did Joe come by?"
"Yes, he just left a few minutes ago."
"Oh good! Did he leave the $200 he owes me?"

Submitted By: Anonymous

This joke is rated: PG