Cinderalla's Pumpkin

Cinderella really wants to go to this party. But she's been working all day and she looks like death. So along comes the fairy godmother and she says, "Cinderella, you're going to that party."

Cinderella says, "Thanks, but I don't have anything to wear!"
Fairy godmother gets a table cloth, drapes it across Cinderella's shoulders and waves her magic wand. Poof!! The table cloth becomes a really hot black leather minidress.

Cinderella says, "That's great but look at my hair! It's a mess!"
Fairy godmother takes some twigs and winds them in Cinderella's hair, waves her magic wand and POOF! She's got a great 'do, long and wild looking.

Cinderella says, "That looks great but what if I meet a guy? I'll need some protection."
Fairy godmother looks around and finds a pumpkin. She inserts it in the appropriate place, waves her magic wand and POOF! It becomes an IUD.

Cinderella's like, "That's great!"
Fairy godmother says, "Now remember, Cinderella, you must be home by midnight or everything will turn back the way it was."
Cinderella says, "No sweat," and goes off to her party.

Fairy godmother's waiting for her at home.
The clock strikes twelve and no Cinderella.
The clock strikes one and no Cinderella.
The clock strikes two and still no Cinderella.
Finally at three o'clock, Cinderella comes straggling home, ratty table cloth over her shoulders and twigs in her hair.
Fairy godmother chastises her.

"Cinderella," she says, "Look at you! I told you to be home by midnight! What happened?"

Cinderella says, "I met this great guy, but I can't remember his name. It was Peter ... Peter something."

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This joke is rated: R