The Condom And The Cigarette

Two old women are sitting on the beach and talking to each other. They decide to smoke and pick up a "Camel" cigarette. They did not have a lighter, at that time a young girl appears from the sea (not an angel or anything, just a human who was swimming) with a cigarette in her lips. She offers the lighter to the old ones and begins to talk.

One among the old lady says " How come your cigarrette is not wet?"

The young one replies "I was keeping that inside this". She shows a condom to the old ones. These two older women have not seen a condom at all.
One among them says " How do you call it?"
The young one says " A condom."

They say goodbye to each other and go home. The older women decide to buy a condom and they go to a drugstore.
They ask the drugstore clerk " We need a condom"
The clerk says "What size?"
The old ones blink at each other and they reply together

"Just big enough to fit a camel!"

Submitted By: Anonymous

This joke is rated: PG