Making A Deposit

A little old lady walks into the main office of Chase Manhattan bank one morning, goes over to a teller, sets down a large paper bag on the counter.

The teller asks if she can help the old lady. She answers that she would like to open an account. The teller asks how much, and the old lady says "$1 million,its right here in the bag."

The old lady then says that she'd like to meet the president of the bank first. The teller calls up to the president's office, explains the situation, and is told to bring the old lady right on up.

They chit chat for a while and then the president asks her how she came into such a large amount of money: inheritance? lottery winning?

Old lady: "No, I get my money by placing bets."
President: "You mean at the horse track, or Atlantic City casinos?"
Old lady: "No, by placing personal bets."
President: "Personal bets? Give me an example."
Old lady: "OK, I'll bet you one million dollars that by 10AM tomorrow morning your testicles will be square!"
President: "That's ridiculous! How could something like that happen?"
Old lady, squinting her eyes up close to the president's face and smiling, "What's the matter? You chicken?!"

The president thinks for a moment and answers "OK lady, you're on!" He calls in his lawyer, who draws up the bet, and the president and old lady both sign. They shake hands and the old lady leaves, saying "See you at 10 tomorrow morning!"

The president calls to her "I'll be here!"

Everyone leaves and the president, after a little while, begins to think about it. He'd better watch out. After all, the old lady just walked in with a bag full of money and didn't flinch a bit about betting him another million!

He reaches down and feels his nuts to see that they are all right, which they are. He decides, just to be sure, to take the rest of the day off. He holds on to his nuts the whole way home and, still holding on, showers and goes to bed.

Upon waking the next morning, he again feels his nuts and they are still OK. Feeling confident, he goes off to work.

At 9.45 AM, he calls his lawyer in and the next thing the old lady shows up with another man. The president asks who he is and she answers that "You have your lawyer here, so I brought mine. Fair enough?"
President: "Fine with me. But I'm afraid you lose, my testicles are fine!"
Old lady: "Show them to me."
President: "Show them to you?"
Old lady: "Hey, for a million bucks, I think I'm entitled to see for myself!"
President: "Well, I surely can't argue with that." and he drops his pants.
Old lady "Well.....they LOOK alright, but I want to feel them just to make sure. After all, a million bucks........"
The president hesitates a moment and then says "Well, for a million bucks, I guess you're entitled." So the old lady walks over and gently grabs hold of his balls. Her lawyer immediately starts screaming "Noooo...." and pounding the wall. The president asks "What's wrong with him?"

The little old lady replys "Well, I bet him TWO million dollars yesterday that by 10AM today I would have the president of Chase Manhattan Bank by the balls!!!!"

Submitted By: Anonymous

This joke is rated: PG