The Three Tests of a Warrior

There's this sailor who is stranded on a deserted island... Anyway he thought it was deserted, when he gets captured by a tribe of cannibals.
The cannibals are about to kill the sailor but the sailor protests claiming he is a "great warrior." The Chief of the tribe steps in and says, "If you can prove that you are a great warrior we will not kill you!"
The Chief thinks to himself and then says "To prove you are a great warrior you must pass 3 tests. If you pass these tests, we will let you live."
The sailor says "All right, all right I accept the challenge... wha- wha- what are the 3 tests?"

The Chief explains, "There are 3 tents.

  • "In the first tent is a jug of wine.
    You must drink this jug of wine in 10 minutes and not get sick.
  • "In the second tent is a tiger with an impacted wisdom tooth.
    You must extract the tooth from the tiger.
  • "And in the third tent is my DAUGHTER!!
    She has already killed 2 of her husbands that could not satisfy her.
    You must enter her tent and satisfy her!"

The sailor begins the tests and enters the first tent. About 9 minutes later he walks out staggering and swinging the empty jug of wine; but he doesn't get sick, so he passes the first test.

He then enters the second tent and there are horrible sounds from the tiger who is screeching, screaming, and growling. After about 20 minutes the sailor comes out of the tent, with scratches, cuts, with torn clothes and says,

"O.K., now where's that lady with the toothache!"

Submitted By: Dave Vincent

This joke is rated: PG
Tags: Idiots