Why Dogs Are Better Than Men

  1. More sophisticated fashion sense.
  2. Love to dance.
  3. Willing to sleep on rug and fetch on command.
  4. Spend less time worrying about hair loss.
  5. Old buddies don't show up on the doorstep unexpectedly.
  6. Utterly disinterested in professional sports.
  7. Your parents find them easier to like.
  8. Rarely jealous of your former boyfriends.
  9. Willing to hold your purse in public.
  10. Unlikeley to roll over and lose consciousness immediately following intense play.

Don't forget:

They don't bitch and moan if you want it and they don't . . .
. . . And if they do and you don't, you can distract them with a cookie!

Submitted By: Anonymous

This joke is rated: PG