Feeding The Livestock

On a farm, a kid comes in and sits at the kitchen table wanting breakfast. His mom says "Honey, you know you don't get to eat until you've fed the animals".

The kid slams the door on his way to the barn, throws the feed out for the chicken and kicks them in the head when they go to eat. The same with the cow, he kicks the cow in the head when it tries to eat the hay he put out. Then he feeds the pigs, and kicks them in the head when they start eating out of the trough. Then he returns to the kitchen table.

His mom says "I saw what you did... so for kicking the chickens, you won't be getting any eggs. Kicking the cow means you can't have any milk. And no sausage or bacon because you kicked the pigs."

Just then the father comes down the stairs, trips over the family cat and while falling, kicks the cat in the head.

The kid looks at his mom and asks "You want to tell him, or do I?"

Submitted By: Anonymous

This joke is rated: PG