24 Things To Do Instead Of Studying

  1. Have a root canal
  2. Eat dirt
  3. Go to all of your classes
  4. Clean out your bellybutton
  5. Make crank calls
  6. Gamble borrowed money
  7. Sharpen your pencils (all of them)
  8. Talk to yourself
  9. call 976-anything
  10. Try on all your clothes at one time
  11. Try on all your clothes one at a time
  12. Memorize the phone book
  13. Play your records backwards
  14. Glue money to the floor and watch people try to pick it up
  15. Go to the airport and meet people
  16. Bite the heads off Gummi Bears and take them back to the supermarket
  17. Start new rumors
  18. Hold your breath till you pass out
  19. Rub your eyes till you see stars
  20. Fry ants with a magnfying glass
  21. Set every clock in a building foreward
  22. Walk up to a salesperson and ask "May I help you?"
  23. Go Christmas Caroling by yourself
  24. Post 24 things to do instead of studying which your sister wrote for a local paper

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