How Many Positions?

A renowkned sociology professor was delivering his much-awaited lecture on sexology. After listing the causes and treatments of several of the more popular venereal diseases, he then proceeded to a new topic. "Now," he said, "as you all know, there are exactly 193 positions in which a healthy human couple may successfully copulate..."

But before he could complete his sentence, a shocked frenchman from the back of the auditorium stood up and declared, "Monsieur! I must protest! There are 194 positions!"

"My good man," said the professor, "there has been careful and deliberate consideration on this topic, and the resounding conclusion is that there are 193 positions. Now more, no less."

"No, monsieur," the frenchman insisted, "I am a man of France. A lover. All lovers know that there are 194 sexual positions. No more, no less."

"Well," said the professor, eager to get on with his lecture. "Let's let the class decide. I will list the 193 that I know, and if you can add to that list, we shall know that you are right and I am wrong. Agreed?"

"Uhhh...okay," the frenchman agreed.

"Right then," said the professor, "let's start with the boring old missionary position..." And the professor proceeded to describe the missionary position.

At that point the frenchman's eyes bugged out in amazement, and he stood immediately, waving his arms in the air. "Mon Dieu!" he shouted, "Make that 195!"

Submitted By: Anonymous

This joke is rated: R