A Boy And His Frog

A boy walks into a brothel, dragging a dead frog behind him. He goes up to the desk and says "I wanna sleep with one of your girls."
The woman says, "You look too young to me."
"Right I'll pay double the going rate then."
"Fine, second door on the left."

Then the boy says, "But i want a hooker that has herpes."
To which the woman claims, "all our girls are clean".
"Alright ill give ya quadruple the going rate".

So the woman gives in and says, "Third door on the right". A while passes and the boy comes out of the room. Just as he's leaving the woman asks him, "But why on earth did you want to f--- a diseased woman???"

The boy replies:

"Well, when I get home I'm gonna f--- the babysitter, and when my dad gets home he'll f--- the babysitter when giving her a lift home, then he'll come home and f--- my mother, and in the morning my mum will f--- the mailman...


Submitted By: Anonymous

This joke is rated: PG