The Racist Genii

A man and his wife were walking along the beach when they happened upon a small bottle. The man picked it up and rubbed it, whereupon a genii appeared.

"For releasing me from my imprisonment, I will grant you each one wish," said the genii.

"Well, I think 50 million dollars should be enough to keep my wife and I happy for the rest of our lives," said the man.

"Your wish is my command," said the genii. "The funds are now in a Swiss bank and here is the account number." And the genii turned to the wife.

"Hmm... I don't want to be hasty about this. My hubby here has already made us rich... can I think about it?" said the wife.

"Absolutely," said the genii. "When you are ready, you have but to think your wish and it shall be granted. Have a good life. Thank you and goodbye." And the genii vanished.

Overjoyed at their good fortune, the man and woman made passionate love there in the sand. They were interupted, however, by a sudden tummult. They looked around to see dozens of KKK members closing in on them. There were torches, white robes, a burning cross, and a noose hanging from a nearby pier. The KKK members siezed the man and hauled the man off, obviously to hang him.

"Uhhh honey!" said the man, kicking and struggling. "Don't you think this would be a good time to use that wish of yours!?"

His wife said: "Oh god! I already did! While we were having sex I wished that you could be hung like a black guy!"

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This joke is rated: PG
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