Mom's Gynecologist

This is reported to have actually happened.

An elderly woman of about 80 was convinced by her daughter to get a long overdue gynecological exam.
"I'll take you to my doctor" the daughter told her mother. "He has a great bedside manner, I've been seeing him for years."

On this her mother agreed, and an appointment was made. On the morning of the impending visit, mom got ready for her exam at her daughters house. Afterwards both women went to the doctor's office and the daughter waited in the waiting area while her mother was seen. Within a few moments mom came out of the room visibly shaken and angry.

"I can't believe you brought me here. I can't believe you would bring me to see such a rude man!" the younger woman's mother snarled.
"Mom, what on earth happened?" asked the daughter.
"We'll talk about it in the car!" was all that her mother would say.

After taking care of the bill the two women left the building and made their way back to the car. Once inside the car the daughter again asked her mother what had happened. Her mother replied, "I went into the room and the nurse helped me onto the table. Then she put the sheet over me and I waited for THAT MAN to examine me. He came in, lifted the sheet and said 'Oh, I see you got all gussied up for me' can you imagine a doctor saying such a thing, I just can't believe he could be that rude"

Upon hearing this the daughter asked her mother, "Just what did you do when you got ready this morning?"
"Well" her mother said, "I just showered, changed, and oh yes, I borrowed a dab of that feminine spray on the shelf behind the commode."
Puzzled, her daughter asked "what feminine spray?"
"Oh, you know, that can on the shelf"

Holding back the laughter, the old woman's daughter said, "that wasn't feminine spray mom, that was hair glitter".

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