How's My Wife

A guy speeds into the hospital parking lot, sprints past the receptionists and meets the doctor coming out of the operating room, bloody, taking his gloves off.

"Doctor! Doctor! What happened? How is my wife?"

"I'm so sorry, sir. It was a terrible accident. She's been badly burned, and there was severe brain damage. She may live a long time, but you'll have to feed her, as she can't use her hands. You'll need to help her go to the toilet, and wipe up after her, and bathe her by hand every day. She can still talk, but that's about it. And there was extensive skin damage, and she's going to be severly disfigured.

"Also, and I realize this is a bad time to bring it up, but your insurance isn't going to pay for this. You're going to have to pay for this visit, and you'll be paying for medication for her as long as she's alive, which could be a long time, and she'd going to need a lot of medication. She'll need constant care. I'm terribly sorry."

The guy is horrified. He's shocked again and again through all this. In the end, he can only respond with stunned silence.

Finally, the doctor says, "Aw, man. I'm just f---ing with you. She's dead."

Submitted By: Anonymous
Feb 14 2010 18:20

This joke is rated: PG