Out Of Season

There was this hunter out roaming the forest looking for something to shoot. He comes to a clearing and there by a pond is a beautiful 6-point buck! He takes careful aim and SHOOTS! The deer falls over dead! The hunter, rather pleased with himself saunters over to the deer. But on the way over, this park ranger runs out of the forest and grabs the deer by the tail and lifts up. The rangers sticks his finger up the deer's butt, sniffs it and declares, "This is a Virginia White-Tailed deer, from mid-eastern Virginia. They're out of season so you can't keep it." The hunter curses his luck but doesn't argue with the ranger and he stomps off.

Later on, the hunter spies a huge rabbit hopping along the trail. The hunter picks up his gun, takes careful aim... and BLAM! The rabbit's dead! The hunter hurries over to the rabbit but not before this SAME RANGER comes running out of the forest, picks up the rabbit, shoves a finger up its ass, sniffs it and declares, "This is a Gray Hare, from Kentucky. It's out of season, so you can't keep it." The hunter curses his luck again. But again, doesn't argue with the ranger and just leaves.

After awhile, the hunter comes upon a squirrel, skittering around looking for some nuts. The hunter looks around for that damned ranger but doesn't see him anywhere so he decides to have a go... He lifts his gun, aims at the squirrel and KAPOW! The squirrel drops over dead. The hunter waits for a moment but there's no sign of the ranger. Finally he heads over to the squirrel. Just as he's about to reach it, out running comes that ranger, heads over to the squirrel, picks it up, shoves a finger in its behind, sniffs it a declares, "This is a Tennesee Red Squirrel, from South-Western Tennessee, it's out of season, so you can't keep it."

The ranger is a little pissed off. "Look", he says to the hunter, "I figured you didn't know the seasons when you shot the White-Tailed Deer so I didn't say a word. Then I reckoned it was just bad luck when you shot the Gray Hare. But now here I find you've gone and killed a Tennessee Red Squirrel, just who the hell are you anyway?"

The hunter just shrugs and drops his drawers and says, "You seem to be pretty good at this, you tell me!"

Submitted By: Anonymous

This joke is rated: PG
Tags: Animals